11 July 2008

Will Hellboy Enjoy Showers of Box Office Gold

Hell hasn't frozen over yet, and Hellboy is here (though not in a handbasket). But the question remains, will the masses care?

The first Hellboy movie made $60 million on a budget of $66 million back in 2004. But money must have been made somewhere because a sequel was eventually given the go-ahead. I wonder how much they think a sequel will earn? I can only assume that Hellboy 2 will outperform the original for a few reasons.

1) The first was fairly well received and built on its small following though DVD word of mouth on DVD and endless airings on FX. My wife agreed to watch Hellboy on DVD with me if I watched Radio. Still not sure it was worth it. But, even though she may not want to admit it, she did not hate Hellboy, she may even have kinda liked it.

2) The trailers look amazing, this looks even better than the first. And who is that dude in the divers suit. He looks like a fun guy to hang out with.

3) Guillermo del Toro is a lot better known after Pan's Labyrinth and the announcement that he will direct The Hobbit(s). People may be interested in seeing what else he is up to.

4) Critics are being pretty favorable. Hellboy is riding an 87% at Rottentomatoes.com compared to the first film's still respectable 80%.

5) The first Hellboy opened in the traditionally slow month of April. With a July opening, there is a better chance for a large opening weekend and strong daily takes. In fact current competition may not be too strong. Last weeks Hancock isn't getting great word of mouth and openers Meet Dave and Journey to the Center of the Earth don't look to steal crowds away either.

On the other hand... opening a week before Batman may kill Hellboy's legs. Also being the 4th out of 5 Superhero films in the summer, can't help.

Anyways, I hope this one earns enough to warrant one more Hellboy film. That's what Del Toro has in mind. A nice cool $100 million would be nice, so go see it!

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