28 July 2008

Wolverine's Origin AGAIN!

The trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine was shown at Comic Con and now its here. Wasn't this tale already told in X2? And Wasn't Sabretooth in X-Men? And Wasn't it not this guy? I am all for more X-Men movies, and am looking forward to seeing Gambit, but will every X-Film feature Wolverine? Whats next? X-Men Origins: Magneto - featuring Wolverine? The footage looks OK. I am sure I will see it, but why not try and adapt Cable and Bishop next?

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Kurtis said...

Wolverine's origin begins waaay before the weapon x project, as told in the Wolverine: Origin comicbooks.

Some of the shots in this trailer are straight out of that story.

Trailer looks great.