14 August 2008

Batman & Robin - Ultra Horrible Edition

A couple years back I read about a "De-Assified" Edition of Batman & Robin. Essentially, like the Phantom Edit Cut of The Phantom Menace, most of the cringeworthiest parts were trimmed away leaving a much improved, though still bad film. Well, I have stumbled upon a collections of all those trimmings. Imagine, all of B&R's most outrageous moments stuffed into 10 minutes! Well you dont have to imagine, here they are:


Johnny Kool said...

I tried to watch, but only got 3 minutes in. I couldn't take anymore bad puns or foolish looking outfits.

finky the kid said...


I haven't seen that abomination aince it was in the theater and frankly I was surprised it was so much WORSE than I remembered it. And I still think of it as the worst movie I've ever paid to see.

Chief, the Price is Right loser sound at the end was genius! Thanks for sharing this clip reel.