19 August 2008

Next Avengers is not A-Next

I feel a bit hypocritical loving the Teen Titans and cringing at this, but wasn't there a better tale to tell? If this sells well, we will no doubt be getting marvel babies and teen X-Men next. If it sells poorly after Doctor Strange also underperformed, will the Marvel line of DtVs dry up? Can't we just have Hulk VS already? If they wanted to do A-Next then fine. Do it, but do it with the real characters, not some teen knock-offs.

Anyways, here is a clip featuring the ever popular Iron Man.


Kurtis said...

I personally hope that this movie sells very well, if only for the extension of Marvel's contract with Lionsgate.

I see this movie as Lionsgate testing the waters. They have made a bunch of very different movies and I bet they are seeing which ones stick.

While I'm sure we'll see another DVD like this if it sells well, there is no doubt about how much buzz and how everyone is eagerly awaiting Hulk vs. I'm sure that film will dictate the direction of future DVDs.

Chip Chief said...

looks like this got a pretty good review over at http://wfdvdreport.com/