05 August 2008

Radar Blips - Batman Returns

The Year: 1992

The Players: Mr Mom as Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin brother as the Penguin, The Pfief in a catsuit, and Chris Walken as Shrek (not that one). This is the second of teh Burton Batmen.

The Take: $163 Million

Is this the one where Batman has a bastard child and becomes a stalker? That would be Superman Returns. This is the one where the ever charismatic Penguin runs for mayor, leads a circus gang, and is also the telepathic commander of a missile toting penguin army. In either case, I dont think parents were happy with the way Superheroes were portrayed to their happy meal munching kids.

Why you should see it: Christmas in Gotham does make for an interesting and unique juxtaposition. The portrayal of Catwoman is quite enjoyable and the character of Max Shreck is also not bad thanks to the genius that is Walken. So, the plot is pretty pointless (who cares if the Penguin becomes mayor) and the foes don't really raise the stakes as high as the Joker did in the previous film (well until Penguins penguins all of a sudden were armed with weapons of mass destruction in the last few scenes), but no one can claim to be a real Batman fan without having at least seen the theatrical films at least once. If it helps, don't think of this as a Batman movie, I mean Batman stuffs a bomb down a guys pants at one point... not too heroic. Instead, think of it as another twisted tale from the mind of Tim Burton ala Edward Scissorhands.

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