04 August 2008

Radar Blips - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Year: 2007

The Players: The usual Potter cast, Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge and Hagrids very fake looking brother Grawp.

The Take: $292 Million

How many of these freaking movies are there? This is an adaptation of the 5th of 7 books, and the 5th of what will be 8 films.

Why you should see it: For me, this one was one was the best adaptations of its book. Order of the Phoenix the book was over long and this movie really highlighted the strong points. The end of Goblet of Fire started off the main event story of the Potter saga, and this movie set the foundation for what is to come. The final showdown between the younglings and deatheaters made fighting with wands look cool. It was also nice to see the kids ultimately get their butts kicked. I am not a fan of 15 years olds leading armies over bigger and badder foes. Voldemorts apearance was also great as was his showdown with Dumbly-dore.

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j said...

Hated it! Had just read the book before and this was very much an "adaptation" as opposed to a film version of the book. I realize that there is way too much going on in the book to fit into a film, but if they are already going to do an extra film at some point (2 for #7?), why not divide the last few books up into two movies?

I'm always interested to hear what people think who haven't read the books. Are they even able to follow along with the plots of these books? I just feel like the soul of the books gets stripped out when the movie becomes an exercise in seeing who much you can take out in order to get the movie down to a reasonable length.