14 August 2008

Radar Blips - The Island

The Year: 2005

The Players: Ob1 Kenobi, Scarlett Johansson, Neelix, and Boromir

The Take: $36 Million

What is "The Island" anyways?
The island is where the winners of a lottery for post-apocalyptic survivors get to go to repopulate the Earth.

Why you should see it: This movie is kind of a Logan's Run ripoff, where the main characters don't buy into the society in which they are living. Being a Michael Bay flick, there are some over the top action sequences including a freeway chase involving giant metal axles and a skyscraper freefall. Also, the first half of the film is pretty intriguing as it sets up this post apocalyptic world, even if what could have been a smart sci-fi movie devolves into a bunch of explosions.

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