07 August 2008

Radar Blips - Star Trek: First Contact

The Year: 1996

The Players: The jolly TNG crew is reunited with Worf and many a Borg.

The Take: $92 Million (2nd highest of 10)

Is this an odd or even one? First Contact is sometimes referred to as Star Trek 8, making it an even one and propagating the theory that only the even ones are good.

Why you should see it: Trek, Time Travel, and Borgs. What more do you need? This film gave us a glimpse of the first meeting between humans and Vulcans, and a peek into a time period previously untouched by trek (unfortunately, this led to a spin off series - Enterprise). The opening battle between the Federation and Borg is good, but the best part is the not so subtle story references to Moby Dick and Picard's Ahabian attitude. This movie just got so many things right. If you are going to watch one of the next generation films, this is the one to see.


VaultDweller13 said...

I was never a Star Trek fan but I enjoy Enterprise. Is it because I wasn't a fan to begin with that I like it?

Chip Chief said...

I really liked season 3, but the first two seasons were just boring to me. Plus Scott Bakula never really did it for me. All I can say, is I am happy someone liked it.