12 September 2008

Iron Man 2 Will be Fortified with Even More Iron

In this summer's undisputed superhero movie champ, Iron Man... well at least until mid July, Iron Man not only donned 3 suits of his own, but he faced off with the Iron Monger. How will they top that in the sequel you ask? Well, in addition to more Iron Man suits, we will get some War Machine, and possibly Crimson Dynamo for the villain!? I guess in Iron Man's world, the only way to be a formidable threat is to don your own Mecha suit.

I have always like the War Machine get-up, but hopefully they do some heavy duty reimagining of that Dynamo suit. I guess he is Communist, and certainly the suit sells that notion, but wow.

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Johnny Kool said...

cool/creepy suit of armor: http://www.calscustoms.com/ccv3/gallery/01CrimsonDynamo.jpg