28 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - Thunderball (and Never Say Never Again)

The Year: 1965 - #4 (1983 #Unofficial)

The Bond: Sean Connery (Old Sean Connery)

The Babes: Domino Derval (both films)

and Fatima Blush (Never Say Never Again only)

The Big Bad: String puller Blofeld (both films)

and front man Largo (both films)

The Take: $63,595,658 or $413,913,852 in modern dollars - the biggest Bond of all ($55,432,841 for an adjusted $113,988,153)

Up or Down: Down for both. I can forgive a lot with my Bonds, but this one did the unforgivable. It was boring AND so was the remake Never Say Never Again. Even the opening song is boring in Thunderball, and Never Say Never Again lacks the Bond theme.

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