29 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - You Only Live Twice

The Year: 1967 - #5

The Bond: Sean Connery

The Babes: Aki
Kissy Suzuki

The Big Bad: Blofeld is back

The Take: $43,084,787 inflated to a hefty $264,835,193 by today's count

Up or Down: Down. This film has some awesome elements such as the briefcase chopper and the volcano lair, and the them song is kickin (below) but its one of my least memorable Bond experiences.



Anonymous said...

I love that it was Roald Dahl who wrote the screenplay to this. It gives the movie a nice bit of a twist since he's probably really best known for his childrens books. :)

Chip Chief said...

I just learned about Dahl's involvement like a week ago. Crazy stuff. I would have never guessed. If only he had included a giant peach I may have grown suspicious.