15 October 2008

Keep on Trekkin With Pics Aplenty

I like the new look of the Enterprise, sort of like an iEnterprise by Apple. This movie certainly looks polished with these images. Imagine, a Trek movie with a budget! Last time that happened, they battled a cloud.

These guys dont really look like the old crew, which is OK, but it may take a while before I buy into them being Kirk and Co.

PS these pics were scoured from around the web. Click for Hi Res.



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1 comment:

Kurtis said...

I have to keep reminding people that this movie is not in cannon with the original series. It is a reboot of the franchise just like the recent Get Smart with Steve Carrell.

I think the casting is good. They have chosen actors that can act that resemble their original counterparts.

Although, that picture of Spock is not great. He's showing too much emotion for a Vulcan.

As a fan of the original series, I'm looking forward to this film but not expecting it to be the same at all.