08 October 2008

New Avengers Series Actually Features The Avengers

I stole the above image for a 2011 animated Avengers series from the magnificent site AnimatedSuperheroes.Com. Until just recently, DC was the king of animated Superhero shows... that is until Marvels recent and failry spectacular Spectacular Spider-man show and the even more recent (hasn't yet debuted in the US) Wolverine and the X-Men. Both are well done shows, nothing like some of the disasters of years past such as the last attempt at an Avengers series 10 years ago. Just compare the above image (featuring the actual Avengers) to the one below (starring Wonder Man and Tigra) and you can see that Marvel is back on track. Furthermore, even though Cap, Thor, and Iron Man are featured in the below pic, they were not really in the 1999 series. Just imagine the below poster with them cropped out. Oh my! The new series looks sharp and Marvel may have another decent show on hand.

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Kurtis said...

Thanks for the plug. I'm really happy with everything that Marvel is doing right now. I am more a Marvel fan than a DC fan and seeing them dominate both the current movie and tv worlds is great!

This Avengers series will make a potential five new shows that Marvel will have on the air all at once with a Black Panther mini series and maybe a Hulk series if that hasn't been canceled.

It's like the 90s all over again but better.