24 October 2008

Radar Blips - X2: X-Men United

The Year: 2003

The Players: Boris the Computer Geek as Nightcrawler joins the cast of Catwoman as Storm, the Wuss from Superman Returns as Cyclops, Jean-Luc Picard as "Wheels," The dude who played Wolverine as Wolverine, Gandalf the Gray as Magneto, Xena Onatop as Jean Grey and Jimmy Olsen's twin brother as Iceman,

The Take: $215 Million

Whats with the lame title?: I guess "X2" didn't have enough brand recognition, so "X-Men United" was added as the X-Men and Brotherhood united against a common foe.

Why you should see it: This is one of the best Superhero films ever made and until The Dark Knight, my undisputed pick for Superest Sequel. X-Men was good, but no one was prepared for the epic X2. The film seemed like it could be overstuffed like many sequels are, but the additions of Nightcrawler and Lady Deathstrike did not rob the other heroes of their moments. The opening scene of Nightcrawler's White House infiltration is a perfect action sequence and Magneto's plastic prison escape was also awesome. Though the subtitle "X-Men United" is awfully cheesy, seeing the X-Men have to team up with Magneto, and then be betrayed by him, was great. The film's cliffhanger ending was a perfect final note for this near flawless sequel.

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