01 October 2008

Will Robin Triumph Where Aquaman Floundered?

Smallville has lived beyond its shelf-life, and while I admit to still watching the show, I am mostly hanging on to see the series finale. The CW, desperate for a show that anyone will watch is not only considering a possible Clarkless 9th season, but is now considering a show featuring a young, pre-Robin, Dick Grayson as a potential Smallville replacement.

Wow, they are really scrapping the bottom here. What would it be about, drama between circus sideshow freaks? The bearded woman falling for the gimp?

If the decent Aquaman pilot wasn't picked up, and possible Green Arrow, Justice League, and Supergirl spinoffs were passed on, what chance does Dick have? Sadly this will probably get the green light. Oh, and by the way, its not Dick, its DJ - just like in Full House.


Jay Amabile said...

am i a gullible idiot or is that the real promo for the show? lol..i can't tell. Still, it's a bad idea. As much as I love Robin, I would've much rathered a Supergirl spinoff with Laura Vandervoort. Robin's back story isn't that interesting without Batman involved.

Chip Chief said...

The Grayson image is from a fan-film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUmzR1J_C3s