17 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - Quantum of Solace

I realize that I dropped the ball on the last two pre-QoS Bonds. Fear not, I shall get to them shortly. But seeing as how Solace has arrived, I thought I would give the devil her due.

The Year: 2008 - #22

The Bond: Daniel Craig

The Babes: Camille
Strawberry Fields

The Big Bad: Dominic Greene

The Take: $70,000,000 million opening and counting

Up or Down:Up. Though not as good as Casino Royale, QoS finally took the opportunity to present a true Bond sequel. I would have enjoyed a more charismatic foe or a couple of spy gadgets, but overall this built on the brutal Bournified foundation of CR and sets the stage for an epic third film in this Daniel Craig arc.


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