30 December 2008

Radar Blips - Tron

The Year: 1982

The Players: The man in the Iron Monger suit and Commander John Sheridan

The Take: $33 million

Whats a Tron?: Tron (short for elecTRONic) is the name of one of a computer security program designed to topple the evil Master Control Program (MCP).

Why you should see it: Computer animation sure has come a long way. Tron makes that very evident. This movie is a precursor to the matrix, in which a human enters into a computer reality to fight against an electronic authority. The coolest parts of the film, however, and the disk fight sequence and the light cycle battle. Even if Tron 2 has no plot at all but has an updated light cycle sequence fans should be satiated. The music is also unique and catchy.

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