10 January 2008

Radar Blips - 12:01

The Year: 1993 (Same as Groundhog Day)

The Players: Supergirl, Some old guy from Mission Impossible (Martin Landau), and Jonathan Silverman.

The Take: Made for TV

AM or PM?: AM actually, as opposed to the short story on which it was based. Time loops every night at 12:01 AM, and only one guy knows it. Its up to him to save the girl from assassination and stop the loop (though if other people happen to die, no big deal).

Why you should see it: Its like an action/adventure version of Groundhog Day, without the Sonny and Cher, and also with fewer failed iterations. It is made for TV, but not too bad considering (aside from the lame soundtrack).

Sorry, no trailer this time, but here is a link to the first half of the show.

09 January 2008

A Trio of Bat Trailers

Same Bat Soundtrack, Different Bat Eras