15 March 2008

Batmanime Cover Art

Can we ever get too much Batman? Nah, at least not too much good Batman.

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Nocturna

Not one of the more popular foes, Nocturna has never been featured outside of the comics, but she nearly made the cut for Batman: The Animated Series as a vampiress.

Natalia Knight had a hard childhood. She grew up on the streets as a beggar. She was eventually found and taken in by Charles Knight who became her adoptive father where she lived the life of luxury.

She has a passion for astronomy and the night and eventually found a job at Gotham City Observatory but whilst working there one night she became victim to a radioactive laser which drained her skin of all pigment leaving it a pale color. It also rendered her sensitive to light.

After Charles Knight was murdered, she discovered that her lifestyle was funded by criminal activity. It was then that she met Charles' son, Anton who fell in love with her. They both decided to keep the inheritance and took it upon themselves to keep them in the lifestyle they grew accustomed to by burglary since Natalia needed expensive medical equipment to treat her pigmentation.

Anton having spent much time in the orient proved to be a highly capable martial artist who dressed himself as the Night-Thief for his nightime raids whilst Natalia operated behind the scenes as "Nocturna", Mistress of the Night. However their burglary soon brought them into conflict with Batman.

After several clashes with Batman, Anton was captured and sent to prison but Nocturna remained free and continued her life of crime along with a new ally, Nightshade (Not the superheroine). Nocturna would conceive the plans of robbery and theft, Nightshade and his people would carry out the crimes. Once the scheme had run its course, Nocturna called it quits. During this time, she became an intimate friend of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman, something that made both lives more complicated. She also became like a mother figure to Jason Todd, the second Robin and even adopted him.

Meanwhile in prison, Anton finally escaped and after being rejected by his beloved Nocturna, Anton changed his style and became the murderous Nightslayer. He killed Nightshade and for a while, the Nightslayer even traded identities with a delirious Batman. After being betrayed one time too many by the now more moral Nocturna, Anton vowed to kill her. However, it never came to that as Nightslayer was captured by Catwoman and Nocturna having been stabbed was last seen being put into a balloon by Jason Todd which he then set off into the air.

The Dark Knight returns in 132 days!

14 March 2008

Horton Hears a Who is "Hear"

Post reviews and $ predictions hears

13 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Lay Down Your Burdens (2x19-20)

After 6 months of rag-tagging it, Starbuck and co finally draft a plan to return to Caprica to save Anders and co. Anders is rescued, and another Cylon is revealed (Brother Cavill, the faithless priest). One of the raptors accidentally jumps to the wrong coordinates and discovers a barely habitable planet, hidden in a nebula. Baltar rallies the fleet around the idea of settling the planet and "living."

In close race, Roslin wins.. oh wait, her adviser rigged the election. Baltar is elected President. They settle New Caprica. Also, the Cylon Gina who Baltar had given the nuke, finally decides to end her misery to forever forget her brutalization. Cloud 9 goes boom!

1 year later, after no sign of the Cylons, most of the fleet had moved to the planet. Starbuck married Anders, Lee married Dualla and got fat. Adama grew a mustache. Then the Cylons show up, having traced the nuclear detonation. Pegasus and Galactica, unprepared for battle, jump away. Baltar surrenders to the "benevolent dictators."

For an episode 2.5 times longer than normal, this was pretty good. It played like a little movie and had plenty of time to build to the surprising occupation ending. This New Caprica arc played out very well and supplied some classic sequences. 5 out of 5 Battlestar Iraqticas.


12 March 2008

Top 25 Animated Movies According to No One

According to RottenTomatoes and IGN these are the best rated animated movies ever. I don't know why Spirited Away, which is rated higher than some of these ON RottenTomatoes.com isn't on the list.

Overall its a decent list, but I don't think EVERY single Pixar film needs to be on the list, and obviously Spirited Away should be on the list. Also, Grave of the Fireflies should probably be too. Tripletes of Belleville is another one that actually is rated higher than Lady and the Tramp, but was still omitted. And I like Toy Stories (though I prefer 1 to 2), but taking #1 and #2 is a bit too much.

On a final note, I am proud of myself for owning all of these (except the not yet released Persepolis!Anyone want to borrow one?

Anyways, without further ado, here is the list.

25. Lady and the Tramp
24. A Bug's Life
23. The Cat Returns
22. The Lion King
21. Beauty and the Beast
20. My Neighbor Totoro
19. Princess Mononoke
18. Persepolis
17. Monsters, Inc.
16. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
15. Ratatouille
14. Dumbo
13. One Hundred and One Dalmations
12. Fantasia
11. The Nightmare Before Christmas
10. The Iron Giant
9. The Incredibles
8. Finding Nemo
7. The Secret of NIMH
6. Kiki's Delivery Service
5. Kirikou and the Sorceress
4. Pinocchio
3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2. Toy Story
1. Toy Story 2

EDIT: I guess Cars isn't on the list, but it is better than A Bug's Life

Hulkamania Returns

Man in suit he is not.

11 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Downloaded (2x18)

We finally got a chance to live a day in the life of a Cylon skin job. We catch up with Baltar's old honey (CapricaSix), right after her resurrection. She awoke in a goo bath and as it turns out she isn't quite the seductress that Baltar sees in his head. Even more interesting, she sees a Baltar that no one else sees, and he is also an exaggerated idealized version of the original. CapSix and the real Boomer team up and decide that the Cylons shouldn't kill man, they should love him. Big shift in Cyclon strategy, but they still won't just let the fleet go.

We also see Samual T Anders alive and well, terrorizing Cylon coffee shops.

Sharon has her baby on Galactica, but Roslin dupes her and replaces the baby with a dead one while anonymously adopting out the real halfbreed to an anonymous woman named Maya. This makes Sharon very mad.

A fantastic episode that gives us some idea of what the Cylons have been doing, and what they think. Such a well done, pivotal episode. 5 out of 5 goo baths.

Ink Blots - Justice League: The New Frontier

If the idea of silver age heroes battling a flying island that shoots dinosaurs sounds appealing to you, you will love this movie. If the idea sounds lame, you may still actually enjoy the movie, aside from the climax.

New Frontier is an adaptation of a graphic novel, which I admit I have not read. The story revolves around a mysterious presence known as The Center AKA dinosaur island , which is "coming." There are several cool acts to start the movie. We see the Flash take down Captain Cold, and we see lots of silver age Hal Jordon GL and Martain Manhunter, peppered with classic Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. In fact, we see Hal get his ring. All of these scenes are cool, but they certainly seem to jump around a lot as they "built" to the finale. Once dinosaur island shows up, we are transfered from a mood piece, to an action one. The action is good, but no single scene really stands out.

The music was good, and I overall enjoyed the movie., but I am getting tired of origin stories. Give me some established heroes at their prime. I will say this though, much more than the marvel DtV's it earned its PG-13 rating, both thematically and bloodwise. There is a great scene involving the invisible jet and some blood. I think I would have appreciated the details more if I had read the novel, but fo the most part to me this was a great nostalgia evoking movie that was a tad too short. Having said that, it was deeper than the typically alien invasion stories of Ultimate Avengers and Secret Origins. I certainly will keep buying these movies whereas of the Marvel ones, I am growing tired. I think this one would also benefit from a rewatch, but for now, it gets a B+.

10 March 2008

Hulk Me Baby, One More Time

A preview preview, if you will:

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - The Captain's Hand (2x17)

Apollo is movin' on up. He has been promoted to Pegasus XO and to the rank of Major with his #1 task, put Starbuck in check. The new Commander, Garner, hates her attitude and therfore dismisses any of her ideas. Unfortunately, when two Raptors go missing and she suspects a Cylon trap, he immediately disregards her, jumps Pegasus against orders, and nearly loses the ship in a surprise 3 basestar attack. Oops. Garner was promoted from the Chief of the engine room, and when things go wrong, he gives Lee the ship and runs off to fix it. He succeeds, but dies. Thats 3 dead Commanders for those counting and musical commanders continues when Apollo himslef gets the position. Now the Adama boys run both ships, cue Celtic music.

At the same time as all this, Roslin, basing her decision on info from Baltar, bans abortion. The fleet needs to repopulate. Baltar then steps forward, says the decision in wrong, and that he will run for President. That cunning SOB.

Pretty good episode. The series got back on track with excellent space battles, and relevant issues that have two sides with strong arguments. This is why we love BSG. 4 out of 5 people skill-less engineers.