09 April 2008

Upcoming Disney / Pixar Film Logos Revealed

Here they are folks, the post Wall-E films for the next 4 years. Are there any Chicken Little's in the bunch? Or are we dawning on a new golden age?

Bolt - November 26, 2008 - The story of a dog of the same name who thinks he has superhero powers

Up - May 29, 2009 - The story of an unlikely 78-year-old adventurer and his 8-year-old sidekick

The Princess and the Frog - Christmas 2009 - Set in 1920s New Orleans

Toy Story 3 - June 18, 2010 - The toys get donated to a day care center(?)

Rapunzel - Christmas 2010 - A girl trapped in a tower with long golden hair which is the only way for anyone to climb up to her

Newt - Summer 2011 - A story of the last two blue-footed newts on the planet that aims to show that love is not a science

The Bear and the Bow - Christmas 2011 - An action-adventure about a royal family in rugged and mythic Scotland

Cars 2 - Summer 2012 - Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater bid to take on the world’s fastest cars

King of the Elves - Christmas 2012 - Based on a 1953 short story by Philip K. Dick about a band of elves living in the modern-day Mississippi Delta who name a local man their king after he helps save them from an evil troll

Cars 2 Announced - Is Pixar Selling Out?

So, we all know that Pixar avoids sequels unless they can come up with a great story. Hence, of all their mega successful movie, only Toy Story has gotten a follow up... that is until now. In 2012 we will be getting Cars 2. Now don't get me wrong, I quite liked Cars. I would rank it 3rd or 4th of the Pixar films (behind Ratatouille and The Incredibles, and perhaps Toy Story). Having said that, I am not sure what great story needs to be told about the Car folk. But I do know that Cars merchandise has been gigantic. Surely that has to have factored into the decision to green light this sequel. Maybe I am just bitter, but why not give is what we want - Incredibles 2.

Radar Blips - Next

The Year: 2007

The Players: Ghost Rider and Jessica Biel

The Take: $18 million

Is this based on a book?: It is actually. Like Total Recall, Minority Report, Paycheck, Blade Runner, and Imposter, this was based on a story by Philip K Dick (though called the Golden Man).

Why you should see it: Nicolas Cage can see 2 minutes into his own future. That is a relatively interesting premise that makes his mullet sporting character pretty formidable. Sure, this isn't the greatest movie, but I have enjoyed most of the Dick adaptations as interesting sci-fi tales. This one kept my interest throughout, though it does vary a lot from the short story.

08 April 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Dirty Hands (3x16)

This one would have been better received if it hadnt come on the heels of the past three episodes. It addresses the emerging class divide. How come people who were doing manual labor on the day of the attack are stuck doing that same job, for free, forever? They are even training their children to take over their trade. The rationalization is that vital jobs cannot be lost. Baltar smuggles a book out of jail speaking to this injustice and gains some sympathy from people including Tyrol. Adama busts up the strike pretty quickly threatening death to mutineers, but Tyrol takes up a role as a representative of the working class.

This is a pretty heavy episode that again hits real issues, with no easy answers, in a sci-fi setting. Not bad. 4 out of 5 striking blue collar workers.

And with that, back to the good stuff.

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - A Day in the Life (3x15)

Adama reminisces about his ex-wife who was not too nice. The highlight of this episode is Chief Tyrol and Cally getting locked in a breached room, and having to be rescued by being ejected into space and caught in a Raptor WITHOUT space suits. Nice Catch Athena! That scene alone gets this episode a 3 out of 5 spacewalks.

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - The Woman King (3x14)

Not only is there another doctor in the fleet that we never heard of before, but he is a racist. Helo finds him out. Nothing else happens. The title comes from a lady surnamed king that is part of the plot.

2 out of 5 queens (woman kings)

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Taking a Break from All Your Worries (3x13)

Taken one at a time, the next four episodes were OK. Not Black Market bad at least. But taken in a row, they bring the season 3 arc to a screeching halt as we catch up with the day to day doings of the fleet, and see virtually no Cylon action. In this installment, Baltar is interrogated. He admits his role in the Cylon attack (under drug influence) but does not admit to any collusion of treasonous acts.

Also, after a failed suicide attempt, Baltar no longer believes he is a Cylon.

Lastly, we experienec Apollo, Dualla, Starbuck, and Anders drama.

3 out of 5 Gooey Baltars

Radar Blips - The Shadow

The Year: 1994

The Players: The first Jack Ryan, Galdalf, and Tim Curry

The Take: $32 million

Is this another comic book movie?: Why yes. This one came out in the 90's and was criticized for riffing on the Burton Batman style. The Shadow was actually created in 1931, 8 years before Batman.

Why you should see it: I was interested to see this as it was listed as one of Entertainment Weekly's 20 Worst Comic-Book Movies Ever. I actually thought the movie was not bad. I think Alec Baldwin is a weird superhero, but the story was sort of interesting. It actually reminded me a lot of Batman Begins (though mot as good). Anyways, I am a sucker for Superhero movies, and this was a good one using telepathy. I imagine it is better that a Dr Strange live Action film would be. If you enjoy period movies like the Rocketeer or Sky Captain, you may very well like this one. A new Shadow movie may be coming soon, aso why not catch this one first?