26 May 2008

Radar Blips - Dragonslayer

The Year: 1981

The Players: Probably no one you have ever heard of, except a small role by a young Darth Sidious.

The Take: $14 million

Was this a video game?: Nope. That was Dragon's Lair, the Don Bluth animated video game staring Dirk the Daring.

Why you should see it: There really aren't too many dragon movies out there. This is one of the better ones with an impressive dragon, especially for 1981. Take that Eragon. Really, not too much happens, but the dragon is cool and the film is surprisingly dark for a Disney production. And slaying dragons (there are some babies that get decapitated) always makes for a good time.

25 May 2008

The Doctor is In

Unsurprisingly, Dr Jones took the weekend with a 4 day start of $126 mil. Though the take was big it wasnt Star Wars big, but who really believed Indy could top Jar Jar? The real surprise is how the modest $55 million opening for Narnia has morphed into a real disaster. In its second weekend, Narnia barely edged out 3rd place Iron Man which continues to perform like a well oiled machine. Narnia is now aiming for a sub $150 million total. Dawn Treader may be in trouble.

Back to Iron Man, he surpassed $250 million and has a real chance at $300 and an outside shot at the summer crown. Hopefully some of the Iron love spills over to the Jolly Green Hulk.

Summer Standings

#1 Iron Man - $252,000,000
#2 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $126,000,000
#3 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $91,000,000
#4 Speed Racer - $36,213,000