13 June 2008

Batman Vs. Hulk - Mac PC Style

Also, I don't think I posted these gems yet:

The Incredible Hulk is Here

How is it? How does it compare to Hulk (03) and will we be getting a World War Hulk sequel?

The Babylonian Captivity - The War Prayer (1x07)

Typical Xenophobic humans attack aliens. I have seen this story far too many times.


12 June 2008

The Babylonian Captivity - Mind War (1x06)

Chekov from Star Trek shows up as a pshcic cop after some genetic experiment gone wrong. Said experiment has become a telepath/kenetic extrordinaire. He then becomes a cloud of gas after "evolving." Also, Captain Sinclair's girlfriend almost gets stepped on like a space ant by some mysterious unknown space phenomenon. So far, this was one of the better episodes. By now, I am actually fairly eager to watch the next episode even though I still havent seen anything that extrordinary yet.


Upcoming Marvels

Oh, and by the way, the Hulk gets unleased at midnight.
And in DC's corner we have: Batman 2, Batman 3, Untitled Batman spin-off, Batman Reboot (take 2), Batman and Superman...


11 June 2008

Pandas are the New Penguins

Remember when penguins were all the rage? There was March of the Penguins, then Happy Feet, then Surf's Up, and even Farce of the Penguins. Well, its 2008 now, and after the success of Kung Fu Panda we will be getting subjected to a whole lot more of panda pandemonium, but in the form of copycats or knock offs but as endless sequels. Apparently, according to Jack Black, the Kung Fu Panda saga was conceived as a six part tale. Um, ok. I do want to see this first one, it sounds like it was pretty good, and part 2 could be good too I guess. But by the time we get Panda Turd, and Panda goes Fourth, I just don't know if this story can sustain itself.

And where the hell is The Incredibles 2?

The Babylonian Captivity - The Parliament of Dreams (1x05)

Someone has it in for lizard face! Watching his paranoia swell until he got taken by surprise was pretty enjoyable. The B plot was kinda lame as we became acquainted with the main religions of the alien species. The episode closed with about a hundred variations of Earth religions being introduced. So basically, we are 100 times more diverse than the aliens, so ha! Another fair to good episode.


Radar Blips - Æon Flux

The Year:

The Players: Charlize Theron - Mr. F

The Take: $26 million

Does this have anything to do with the flux capacitor?: Doubtful. Her name is Æon, not sure about the Flux.

Why you should see it: This movie was surprisingly not too bad, though my expectations were pretty low. Its got a decent concept dealing with this oppressive government that controls the last city on Earth and some rogues that want to overthrow them. The action is also pretty cool as are the set designs. There is even another assassin (did I mention Æon was an assassin) that replaced her feet with hands for double chick fight deadliness. Its not really like the cartoon too much though which made some people mad, but I for one prefer Charlize to the scrawny skeleton chick from the cartoon.

10 June 2008

The Babylonian Captivity - Infection (1x04)

I actually thought this was pretty good. Some dude gets taken over by organic weaponry becoming a ruthless laser-shooting killing machine AKA borg. The show is still stuffed to the brim with cheese and overacting (have I mentioned that I swear Captain Sinclair voices Futurama's Calculon). But I did quite enjoy this as a stand alone action hour.


The Babylonian Captivity - Born to the Purple (1x03)

In this episode, featherhead aka Londo (not Calrissian) falls for a bald but ponytailed dancer who dupes him out of some files. Another m'eh episode that still hasn't convinced me that this is as good as DS9. Might as well have been Odo getting seduced by a dabo girl. Still no sweeping story either, but some of the characters are starting to grow on me like G'Kar the lizard dude.


09 June 2008

Radar Blips - Back to the Future

The Year: 1985

The Players: Michael J. Fox, Chris Lloyd aka Professor Plum (not Colonel Mustard), Lea Thompson, and Crsipin Glover AKA Grendel.

The Take: $211 million

Did they really go to the Future?: As Eisenstein might say, it depends on your point of reference. Marty McFly really just went back to the present, but to those 1950's sock hoppers, he was going back to their future.

Why you should see it: 1.21 Jigawatts(or to us "giga")! This is quite a genre spanning film with comedy, romance, and scifi elements all brilliantly mixed together. Its funny and exciting. It also does a pretty good job of explaining paradoxes without waxing too geeky. You gotta love the De Lorean, Libyians, the Enchantment Under the Sea intro to Johnny B Goode, and the high voltage clock tower finale. If there is anyone out there who actually hasnt seen this movie, what is wrong with you?

08 June 2008

Radar Blips - Serenity

The Year: 2005

The Players: The whole gang of Firefly (d'uh) and Joss Whedon as director.

The Take: $26 Million - sadly the modest $39 million budget was not recouped.

So whats the deal with this movie?: Firefly was a poorly manged TV series canceled by Fox after half a season. The DVDs sold so well that a movie was made. But the movie again faltered leading to extremely good DVD sales resulting in rumors that the series would somehow be revived again. Serenity is the name of the main space ship.

Why you should see it: This is grade A sci fi. To be honest, its actually a space western. And even people like me that dont like westerns can like this. You may not appreciate the characters as much if you havent seen Firefly, but the series isnt a prereq (This was my intro to the univesre or "verse" for short). The movie does not look like it only cost $39 mil. There are some great sequences involving space zombies, and an Alamoesque last stand, and a deadly programmed assassin girl. The real charm are the characters including the new to series sword wielding antagonist.

You Don't Mess With a Panda

Kung Fu Panda came out swingin' with an impressive non-Shrek opening of $60 million for Dreamworks. Panda may be their next film to get 4 sequels too many, but I hear that this one at least is pretty good.

Also opening was Zohan, the latest Adam Sandler fubar comedy. I still enjoy Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, and even Mr Deeds, but this one looks more like Little Nicky than something good. Zohan still captured $40 million, hopefully better than The Love Guru will do later this month.

Pretty much everything else stayed on course. Indy did fine, Iron Man's still coasting, Narnia still sputtering, and Sex and the City will somehow pass $100 million tomorrow.

Next week, The Incredible Hulk opens. It could be huge or disappointing, I really have no idea to expect. Also, M Night's The Happening looks to be his latest bomb in spite of Mark Mark.


#1 Iron Man - $288,893,000
#2 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $253,026,000
#3 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $125,846,000
#4 Sex and the City - $99,269,000
#5 What Happens in Vegas - $72,230,000
#6 Kung Fu Panda - $60,000,000
#7 Speed Racer - $42,018,000
#8 You Don't Mess With the Zohan - $40,000,000