22 August 2008

Superman's Boots to be Put on Again

Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves just may get their chance to don the Superman costume in a feature film (though most likely not) as the Superfilm franchise is about to get the Hulk-style REBOOT treatment. What will Supes 2.0 hold for us? Hopefully something epic. By epic I mean something bigger than a wacky real-estate scheme brokered by that wacky Lexy Baby.

The wild success of The Dark Knight, the 6th (technically 7th if you go back to 1966) live action Batman film, has shown those greedy suits at WB that "there be milk" in those old comic franchises if handled properly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The studio is set to announce its plans for future DC movies in the next month. For now, though, it is focused on releasing four comic-book films in the next three years, including a third Batman film, a new film reintroducing Superman, and two movies focusing on other DC Comics characters. Movies featuring Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman are all in active development." From the rumblings Chip Chief has heard, GL and GA are in the lead for those other 2 spots.

I really can't see the downside here. I thought Superman Returns had its moments, but the main thing I wanted to see in a sequel was Superboy and or Cyclops dieing. I would be interested to know where the story was going to lead, but I think I would rather have a fresh take. Hopefully, they keep the origin to a minimum, and give us a Superman that uses his powers and meets a worthy adversary.

Radar Blips - Stardust

The Year: 2007

The Players: Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Catwoman, Charlie Cox, and David Brent

The Take: $39 Million

Does Stardust make people fly or something?
There actually isn't too much "stardust" in the movie, and the dust there is doesn't do anything special. I guess its called Stardust because Claire Danes is a star that falls to the Earth in a magical realm and all sorts are after her for various and selfish reasons.

Why you should see it: I quite enjoyed the story structure with zany murdering princes vying for their throne, the aged witches seeking eternal life, and young Tristan who has vowed to bring the star to his unrequiting lover. The movie is a lot like a darker "Savage-free" Princess Bride. It has drama, romance, and comedy and it all fits together very organically. This film just won the Hugo award for 2007 beating out Harry Potter 5 and Heroes Season 1 and is going to be a cult classic in the years to come. Its great when they make one of those movies that "they just dont make anymore."

19 August 2008

Next Avengers is not A-Next

I feel a bit hypocritical loving the Teen Titans and cringing at this, but wasn't there a better tale to tell? If this sells well, we will no doubt be getting marvel babies and teen X-Men next. If it sells poorly after Doctor Strange also underperformed, will the Marvel line of DtVs dry up? Can't we just have Hulk VS already? If they wanted to do A-Next then fine. Do it, but do it with the real characters, not some teen knock-offs.

Anyways, here is a clip featuring the ever popular Iron Man.

Radar Blips - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The Year: 2007

The Players: Willy Wonka, Legolas, Casanova Frankenstein, a chick with a serious case of crabs, and Keira Knightly

The Take: $309 Million

Is Asia supposed to be the end of the world?
The pirates do sail to Asia in the film, but from there, they sail to Davy Jones' Locker which lays below a big waterfall at the end of the world.

Why you should see it: If this movie wasn't so overlong, I would have a more compelling argument, but there are enjoyable elements of this 3quel. Basically, if you skip over all of the multiple Johnny Depp scenes, and the wedding scene at the end, you can enjoy the ship flip, every scene with squid faced Davy Jones, and of course the ship to ship battle in the whirlpool at the end. The best scene though, was the slow-mo destruction of the Endeavor where splinters around the defeated Lord Beckett. I also thought the score for this movie was one of the best element. Thank goodness though the trilogy has ended. I don't think I could sit through another 3 hours of swashbuckling for a while.

18 August 2008

Chips and Dips Results

Back in April, I took on Entertainment Weekly with predictions of the Summer blockbusters. The ground rules were, "one point being awarded to the closer predictor of each film earnings and a bonus point being awarded for each correct ranking"

Lets see how I did.

The Dark Knight: Chips - $260 M #2; EW - $255 M #6; Actual $471+ M #1 (1 Point Chips)

Indiana Jones: Chips - $305 M #1; EW - $355.9 M #1; Actual $316 M #3 (1 Point Chips)

Iron Man: Chips - $210 M #6; EW - $262.7 M #5; Actual $317 M #2 (1 Point EW)

Hancock: Chips - $240 M #4; EW - $280.4 M #3; Actual $225 M #4 (2 Points Chips)

Wall-E: Chips - $230M #5; EW - $280.3 M #4; Actual $214M #5 (2 Points Chips)

Kung Fu Panda: Chips - $170 M #7; EW - $224.6 M #7; Actual $212 M #6 (1 Point EW)

Sex and the City: Chips - --; EW - --; Actual $152 M #7 (0 Points)

Narnia: Chips - $255 M #3; EW - $310.8 M #2; Actual $141 M #8 (1 Point Chips)

Hulk: Chips - $133M #9; EW - $147.2 M #9; Actual $134M #9 (2 Points Chips, 1 Point EW)

TOTALS: Chips 9, EW 3

Chips easily comes out on top. So, we were both way off on some of them, but overall my rag tag blog trounced a nationally circulated magazine. Way to go me.

17 August 2008

Tropic Thunder Ushers in a Knight Fall

It was bound to happen, The Dark Knight did not win this weekend, though it did surpass Star Wars: A New Hope to become the second biggest movie ever. This weekend went to Tropic Thunder which edged out both Batman and Star Wars. Pretty good for a film featuring the controversial Simple Jack.

Speaking of Star Wars, its nice to see that GL could only milk an extra $15.5 million by releasing his made for cable TV show in theaters.

In other news, Wall-E whizzed past Kung Fu Panda for the Summer animated crown. Other than that, the charts have stayed the same. Also summer is coming to a close. Look out for the results of the Chips vs Dips showdown which puts my predictions against those of Entertainment Weekly. I think I may be the winner! Stay Tuned.

#1 The Dark Knight - $471,493,000
#2 Iron Man - $317,044,000
#3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $315,684,000
#4 Hancock - $225,102,000
#5 Wall-E - $214,134,000
#6 Kung Fu Panda - $211,936,000
#7 Sex and the City - $151,897,416
#8 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $141,224,612
#9 The Incredible Hulk - $134,183,000