16 October 2008

One Eyed Monster of a Spaceship

This one nacelle-ship looks odd, like some sort of mechanical cyclops.

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15 October 2008

Keep on Trekkin With Pics Aplenty

I like the new look of the Enterprise, sort of like an iEnterprise by Apple. This movie certainly looks polished with these images. Imagine, a Trek movie with a budget! Last time that happened, they battled a cloud.

These guys dont really look like the old crew, which is OK, but it may take a while before I buy into them being Kirk and Co.

PS these pics were scoured from around the web. Click for Hi Res.



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Trek This Out

Star Trek got the cover of EW 7 months before the movie's debut. Looks like this Trek may get some hype this time around. Lets hope this one can break the "curse of the odd numbered treks."

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Alternate Hulk Opening

Hulk chilly. Brr. I dont see why they cut scenes like this, i guess for the inevitable Directors Cut.

13 October 2008

Easier Egg to Swallow - Captain America on Ice

Thanks to the folks at slashfilm.com, here is a clearer look at Cap on Ice. I don't think this is a case of seeing Mother Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich. I think I really do see him.

By the way, did you catch Caps Shield in Iron Man? There it is on Tony's table.

12 October 2008

Hulk's Incredible Egg

Easter Egg that is. Finding Cap's frozen body and shield in the arctic tundra is harder to find than Waldo - especially considering the scene is in the film's alternate opening, only on DVD. But geeks will not be deterred. Here is the egg, found using someones frame-by-frame and massive amounts of patience.