01 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - Live and Let Die

The Year: 1973 - #8

The Bond: Enter Roger Moore

The Babes: Solitaire

The Big Bad: Mr Kananga

Notable Henchmen: Tee-Hee

Baron Samedi

The Take: $35,377,836 or $163,406,592

Up or Down: Up. This is the one with the "Croc Walk" and the swamp boat chase. Its not the serious Sean Connery Bond, but this is classic Roger... a little silly but still plenty of fun.

31 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - Diamonds Are Forever

The Year: 1971 - #7

The Bond: Sean Connery returns

The Babes: Plenty O' Toole (named after her father)

Tiffany Case

The Big Bad: A now harrier, Blofeld

Notable Henchmen: Bambi and Thumper

Life partners Mr Wint and Mr Kidd

The Take: $43,819,547 or $222,039,904.10 worth of modern diamonds

Up or Down: Up. There are ample portions of cheese in this romp with a desert moon buggy chase of all things. But Connery seemed re-energized in the role and the movie was a good ol fun Bond hinting at the direction of the Roger Moore titles to come.


30 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The Year: 1969 - #6

The Bond: Aussie George Lazenby

The Babes: Teresa di Vicenzo

The Big Bad: Once again, Blofeld

The Take: $22,774,493 or $127,465,347 today

Up or Down: Marginally up. Though the film is over long and the Bond is not my cup of tea, the bobsleds tips the scale to the positive side.

29 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - You Only Live Twice

The Year: 1967 - #5

The Bond: Sean Connery

The Babes: Aki
Kissy Suzuki

The Big Bad: Blofeld is back

The Take: $43,084,787 inflated to a hefty $264,835,193 by today's count

Up or Down: Down. This film has some awesome elements such as the briefcase chopper and the volcano lair, and the them song is kickin (below) but its one of my least memorable Bond experiences.


28 October 2008

Finally A Spock Pic without Ridiculous Hair or Sylar Face

Thanks Empire Online.

Radar Blips - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Year: 1988

The Players: A Terry Gilliam film with the likes of an out of costume Ewok, Poison Ivy, and Mork from Ork AKA Patch Adams.

The Take: $8Million (on a $46 Million out of control budget)

Baron Who?: Munchausen was a real life Baron in the 1700's that went to war against the Turks and returned with some outrageous tales.

Why you should see it: If you are into zany, this has it. It was a bom when it came out but has gained cult status. One of my favorite scenes was a flashback of the Baron about to lose his head over a gamble and being saved by his troop of oddly powered buddies. Perhaps the most famous scene involves Uma Thurman and a giant clam.

Countdown to Solace - Thunderball (and Never Say Never Again)

The Year: 1965 - #4 (1983 #Unofficial)

The Bond: Sean Connery (Old Sean Connery)

The Babes: Domino Derval (both films)

and Fatima Blush (Never Say Never Again only)

The Big Bad: String puller Blofeld (both films)

and front man Largo (both films)

The Take: $63,595,658 or $413,913,852 in modern dollars - the biggest Bond of all ($55,432,841 for an adjusted $113,988,153)

Up or Down: Down for both. I can forgive a lot with my Bonds, but this one did the unforgivable. It was boring AND so was the remake Never Say Never Again. Even the opening song is boring in Thunderball, and Never Say Never Again lacks the Bond theme.

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27 October 2008

Completely Original Superhero Film!

Any success yields "flattering imitation" AKA ripoffs. The Pokemon gave birth to Digimon, the Transformers fruited the Go-bots. Star Wars gave us the original Battlestar Galactica and James Bond's Moonraker. X-Men gave us the 4400 and Heroes. But now it appears that the next generation of copycats is beginning to arrive. Push imagines an ordinary world full of people with extraordinary abilities. People with telekenetic, healing, or telepathic abilities. And according to the trailer, it looks like they are being tracked by "The Division" and can even PAINT THE FUTURE. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but in spite of its blatant "inspiration," I will probably end up seeing this one.

Countdown to Solace - Goldfinger

The Year: 1964 - #3

The Bond: Sean Connery

The Babes: Pussy Galore

Jill Masterson

The Big Bad: He loves gooooooold, Auric Goldfinger

Notable Henchmen: The hat tossing Oddjob

The Take: $51,081,062 or $338,114,165.53 in today's bones

Up or Down: Up, Goldfinger is gold. Its the cliche pick for best Bond (though Casino Royale may be stealing that honor) .

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26 October 2008

Countdown to Solace - From Russia With Love

The Year: 1963 - #2

The Bond: Sean Connery

The Babe: Tanya Romanova

The Big Bad: Blofeld makes his debut as does Evil org SPECTRE. This film's head lady, Rosa Klebb

Notable Henchmen: Mr Red Grant

The Take: $24,796,765 or $166,267,711.77 in today's bones

Up or Down: Way up, My favorite of Connery and perhaps the best Bond of all.

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