08 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - The Living Daylights

The Year: 1987 - #15

The Bond: Enter Timothy Dalton

The Babes: Kara Milovy

The Big Bad: General Georgi Koskov
Brad Whitaker

The Take: $51,185,897 or a tidy $92,270,929 today

Up or Down: Up. Tim gets a bad rap, but he is OK and this movie is a big step up from A View to a Kill.


07 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - A View To A Kill

The Year: 1985 - #14

The Bond: Roger Moore, senior citizen

The Babes: Stacey Sutton

The Big Bad: Max Zorin

Notable Henchmen: May Day

The Take: $50,327,960 then, $95,776,253 now

Up or Down: Down. May Day is freaky, Bond is old, and fire truck action is lame. Even Walken and the Golden Gate couldnt save it.

06 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - Octopussy

The Year: 1983 - #13

The Bond: Roger Moore

The Babes: Octopussy

The Big Bad: Prince Kamal Khan

Notable Henchmen: Yo-Yo Killer

The Take: $67,893,619 translated to $139,611,610 pieces of modern 8.

Up or Down: Clowns ans yo-yo assassins == thumbs up. The Faberge Egg on the other hand doesn't help the score.


05 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - For Your Eyes Only

The Year: 1981 - #12

The Bond: Roger Moore

The Babes: Melina Havelock

The Big Bad: Aristotle Kristatos
A glimpse of an unnamed Blofeld

The Take: $54,812,802 translated to $123,531,807 today

Up or Down: Marginally down. This is just kind of bland. The villians arent really memorable, nor is the story... though it is a perfectly serviceable film.


Hulk Smash Lenticular Cover

Hulk VS. is sure to be a big seller for Marvel's Direct to Video line. The DVD will contain Hulk squaring off against Wolverine and Thor in 2 separate short films. Sure this is pure fanboy service, but how to better please the fanboys that a lenticular DVD case featuring both battles? I like it!

04 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - Moonraker

The Year: 1979 - #11

The Bond: Roger Moore

The Babes: Holly Goodhead

and for Jaws, Dolly

The Big Bad: Hugo Drax

Notable Henchmen: Jaws II

The Take: $70,308,099 == $198,368,871 today

Up or Down: Down. Even Jaws couldnt stop Bond from jumping ther shark in this foray into sci-fi and lasers


03 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - The Spy Who Loved Me

The Year: 1977 - #10

The Bond: More Roger Moore

The Babes: Major Anya Amasova

The Big Bad: Karl Stromberg

Notable Henchmen: Jaws

The Take: $46,838,673 a cool $$158,547,678 today

Up or Down: Way up. You've got Jaws, You've got submarines getting swallowed alive, what more do you need?


02 November 2008

Countdown to Solace - The Man With The Golden Gun

The Year: 1974 - #9

The Bond: Roger Moore

The Babes: Mary Goodnight

The Big Bad: Scaramanga

Notable Henchmen: Nick Nack

The Take: $20,972,000 or $87,268,031.46

Up or Down: Another marginally up. The story moves a little slow at points, and the return of the wacky Sgt Pepper wasn't really welcome. But Chris Lee is always a gem and the hall of mirrors was another treat.