15 January 2009

Iron Man Gets Even More Ruskified

It looks like Iron Man 2 is going to give 80 style tribute to the USSR. First was word of the Crimson Dynamo and now Black Widow seems to be spinning her way into Tonk Starks web. It sure seems like we may get some bad accents not seen since the days of K-19 Widowmaker. Bring it on former Soviet Block!


Kurtis said...

I read that there are some negotiation breakdowns between Marvel and SL Jackson about his role as Nick Fury in the upcoming films.

I'm hoping for the best.

Chip Chief said...

I heard that too and if he doesnt end up staying in the franchise its a real shame. After the whole Terrance Howard fiasco though, I am not too optimistic. Marvel is definitely trying to stretch their dollars.