10 February 2009

Radar Blips - Innerspace

The Year: 1987

The Players: The "short" Amigo, The Poor Man's Harrison Ford, That Chick That Always Falls in Love With Tom Hanks, and A Holographic Doctor playing a cowboy.

The Take: $26 Million

What is this a space adventure like Star Trek?: No, "Inner"Space is in reference to the journey taken by a miniaturized submarine injected into Martin Shorts butt.

Why you should see it: Much in the "vein" of Gremlins, this a an action comedy (both directed by Joe Dante) which is actually funny. Yeah, it is over the top, but its quite enjoyable. Its got a dude with snap on hand attachments, people who get shrunken to creepy dwarf size, crazy grocery store check out shenanigans, and more. Its classic 80s all wrapped up into 120 minutes.

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