17 March 2009

The Marvel Shuffle Continues

Having repositioned itself less than a week ago, Thor has now moved up a month from June 17, 2011 to May 20, 2011. I guess Paramount forgot to consult itself when aligning the Marvel dates because it turns out that they want to open Transformers 3 on July 1, 2011 (whether or not that will happen depends on a lot of things, but as of now it is looking not likely as Michael Bay wants 2012). Fearing Thor's legs would get swept out from under him (See Hellboy 2) Thor was moved up to just 2 weeks after Spidey 4. I guess, according to Marvel that while Thor is made to tremble by large transforming behemoths, Spidey aint afraid of no Norse Thunder God.

At this rate, it looks like 2011 is getting stuffed fuller than a Christmas Turkey. The smart money is on Thor moving again, but honestly, shouldn't they be a little more concerned with making the movie, at least for now, than scheduling its debut? And if studios are squatting on release dates 2 and 3 years out, where is DC? So far, they have Green Lantern (which I will believe it when I see it considering the recent Justice League debacle, and earlier Batman vs Superman SNAFUS) and a whole lot of nothing. How is an average Joe like me supposed to fill out my social calendar for 2013 when I dont even know if there will be a Batman film that year!

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