15 January 2009

Iron Man Gets Even More Ruskified

It looks like Iron Man 2 is going to give 80 style tribute to the USSR. First was word of the Crimson Dynamo and now Black Widow seems to be spinning her way into Tonk Starks web. It sure seems like we may get some bad accents not seen since the days of K-19 Widowmaker. Bring it on former Soviet Block!

12 January 2009

Radar Blips - Danger Diabolik

The Year: 1968

The Players: John Phillip Law and Marisa Mell

The Take: $??.??

Why is Diabolik Dangerous?: Diabolik is a master thief, and if you get in his way or happen to be an authority, he may be dangerous.

Why you should see it: Though this came out after Batman 1966, many consider it to be the first "faithful" comic book movie adaptation. The movie this most reminded me of was an old Miyazaki directed film The Castle of Cagliostro featuring Lupin III. But there were also elements reminiscent of old school Bond, Batman 1966, and Austin Powers. Though this is not a paroday or spoof. Its just oozing with old school style and very groovy music. The film has also been featured in Mystery Science Theater and the Beastie Boys Body Movin' music video.