30 January 2009

Radar Blips - Gremlins

The Year: 1984

The Players: One of Corey Feldmans first roles (oddly Corey Haim is no where to be found) and Howie Mandel as the voice of Gizmo.

The Take: $148 Million

How does one care for a Mogwai?: Three simple rules: 1) Keep them away from bright light, especially sunlight; 2) Don't get them wet; 3) NEVER feed them after midnight (wait, isnt it always after midnight?)

Why you should see it: How many kinds of awesome is this movie? First off, its a Christmas movie, the Mogwai are maybe the cutest creatures ever, and the Gremlins are hilarious. On top of that, they are brutal and they get disposed of in awesome ways. You get microwaves, juices, swords, and skylights. The movie masterfully balances comedy with horror and is a real gem worthy of being dusted off and enjoyed 25 years later.

27 January 2009

The Mighty Thor is Coming

Hulk VS has arrived and a review will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on Marvels next offering: Thor - Tales of Asgard. Looks ok. I am not a huge Thor fan, but the cynic in me tells me this is perfectly timed to capitalize off of the upcoming Thor movie much as Invincible Iron Man rode on the coat tales of the live action Iron Man film. Again, I tend to prefer DC's approach of adapting graphic novels as opposed to Marvel churning out variations on origin stories. I havent finished Hulk VS yet, but that is also an approach I like. Why not a Marvel VS line? Hell they could do a line of just Hulk VS battles. I would pay to see Hulk vs Thing and Hulk vs Hulkbuster Iron Man. Or why not Hulk vs Spider-Man (or Venom) or Hulk vs Juggernaut? That is a bottomless well. Anyways, Marvel seems to be Avengers heavy with these DtVs. This will be Thor's 5th appearance out of 7 movies, (Hulk and Iron Man have each been in 4) so a spotlight is in order. Still, I am more excited for March's Wonder Woman.