26 February 2009

Neverending Stories, Remakes, and Sam Jacksons

In a smorgasbord of movie news, we are going to get a lot more of the same to the tune of remakes of Clue, Total Recall, and the Neverending Story. All 3 of those are pretty solid films, and I fear that remakes will only taint our fond memories ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. and the uber lame reinvisioned Wonka. If they screw up Clue, I guess I don't really care that much, but the most tragic move has to be the attempt to remake Neverending Story. That was a childhood classic and a near perfect movie. Just let it be.

In other overdose news. Samuel Jackson has signed to reprise his post Iron Man credits role of Nick Fury NINE times. That includes appearances in Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Looks like he will be too busy to worry about any Mother F-ing Snakes on any Mother F-ing Planes.

24 February 2009

You Know Heroes Has Lost It When...

Though it is more and more looking like a complete accident, the first season of Heroes was amazing. Sure, the finale was a bit underwhelming, but it could never possibly have met the expectations it had built up. The point is, there were expectations. Not any more.

Season 2 came and went, given a shortened season and a free-pass due to the writers strike. Surely season 3 would set things right. Right? Wrong!

Season 3 has been a mess, mostly filled with episodes centered around a "cool-idea" and characters acting as out-of-character as needed to get positioned for the cool plot point or story. This image demonstrates so clearly the problem with the show. Season 1 opened with the shocking revelation that a nuclear explosion was coming. The revelation was brought by a man who could paint the future. But he died. Season 2 found lost paintings, revealing another shocking future. By season 3, since we couldn't keep finding lost paintings, we got another guy that could paint the future, and its shocking events. He died. So now, we take one of our original heroes and since we can only possible advance the story via paintings of the future, we give him this power and claim it is an extension of mind reading. WTF!? So what does he do with his power? He paints a shocking future of... wait for it... a nuclear explosion. But wait, this one is in DC not New York so its totally different.

The good news is that if you don't like that story, you can follow Sylar's quest. At the beginning of last season he found out who his real father was. But it wasn't really his real father. So now he is looking for his really real father. You can also follow Claire and her dad. He has been lying about his job, but its really all been to protect her. Sound familiar? That because this is the fourth iteration of said story. Delving into rumor territory, Season 1 and 2 had the super powered Niki with a split personality involving her dead twin Jessica. Niki died, but as it turns out she was actually a triplet. In season 3, we met Tracy - the triplet. She learned that there was a fourth, Barbara. Now for the rumor. Tracy will soon die, but the actress will return in season 4. Fun, sounds like we will meet Barbara. I wonder how many more versions there are out there. The possibilities are endless.

Other power related quandires: How does supercharging super-speed let someone run backward in time (forward maybe, but backward)? What happened to Mohinder's webbing ability? And why did Peter need Sylar's powers, you know the ones that came with "the hunger" other than to give us dark Peter for one episode. He certainly never used his understanding of how things work to do anything.

Anyways, if I, lover of the superhero genre am near the point of abandoning this show(after all I am still watching Smallville), what hope can there be that this show will last much longer? Even if it does, it looks like all we will be served are countless, inferior remakes of season 1.