12 March 2009

Marvel Does the Movie Shuffle

In a not so shocking move, Marvel has moved the release dates for most of its upcoming films except for Iron Man 2 which will still open on May 7, 2010. While it may have been possible to slap together an Iron Man sequel with most of the cast and universe established, the release date of Thor just two months later was ambitious. Thor himself has not even been cast yet, and who knows what state the script is in. Hence, Thor is now opening in June 17, 2011.

The pending May 2011 opening for Spider-Man 4 had the web-head head-2-head with Captain America. Not no more. Now Spidey has webbed up a firm May 6, 2011 pushing Cap to July 22, 2011. Three Marvel films in 2011 (too many you say... perhaps) have pushed the big Avengers event off until May 4, 2012 where it will usher in the big summer season.

Other thoughts on this... Well this twas a shewd way for The Avengers to flinch from its scheduled opening versus Harry Potter 7-2 (or is it Harry Potter 8? anyway its the last, for now, Potter film). Although, opening aptain America just a week later seems kinda risky. Why not try and claim July 4 for Captain AMERICA? and move Thor to August 1 or something?

Another question is what about that other comic book company? You know the ones that make those Batman movies. Seems Batman Reboot 3 or Dark Knight 2, or Batman 7 or whatever you want to call it should be opening sometime in 2011. Doubtful it will open near Harry Potter since they have the same parent company. Then again, in a repeat of this years postponing of Harry Potter 6 to have nice anual balance sheets, perhaps Batman will be pushed to 2012. In any case, if Batman does open near Thor, God or not, Thor will run.

What does this mean for Iron Man 3? Could we be looking to 2013? Most likely. The good news is that it looks like superhero films wont be going anywhere soon. We also have Green Lantern scheduled for 2010 and another Superman in the works. There are also plans for Fantastic Four and Daredevil reboots and Ghost Rider 2. I am also pretty sure Hancock 2 will get made. And then there are sequels to any of these Marvel films that turn a profit, the rest of the nine Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury movies and the already planned Spider-Man 5. We shoudl have plenty of superhero films to carry us straight into the apocalypse.